Scheduler defines when and what connection should be performed. All CRUD actions are on one page. To add a new job for scheduler you need to fill out 4 required fields: title, connection, start time and cron expression. If data will be invalid you will be informed through notifications after clicking Add Job.


The list of schedules displays next information: title, connection, last date, time of last success trigger, time of last failed trigger, and status. If background of status grey, it means that job was not still triggered, if green - last performance was successful and red, if it was failed. There is also a switcher that gives you an ability to enable or disable schedule. The background of the whole row becomes grey it you disable schedule. The Action column has three icons: image1- start job (immediately), image2 - update and image3- delete job.


Clicking on the time in the Date column, the message will appear with the whole date information. If you click on the cron, you will see a full cron expression.

image5 image6