Application Management

The OC Application tries to keep consistency in all her parts. It means to save persistence in the User Interface, so user does not need to get used again and again. With each entity you can do CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete. After successful or rejected fulfillment, you will be alerted with a message:


Let us consider them. The following explanations will touch upon Users, Groups, Connectors, Invokers and Connections.

List of Elements

To open list of elements click on the header in the top menu or press on the corresponding key on the keyboard: Alt + U - Users, G - Groups, C - Connectors, I - Invokers, N - Connections. The list of elements representing with cards divided with pagination. There are 4 cards for each page.image3If you want to go forward, click on the page number, or arrow on the right, or you can press on the keyboard . Going back, press the key ←, or click on the arrow on the left. Each card contains some actions: image4. Also you can seek in the list typing a name or a title of the entity in the search input field.

Due to them you can correspondingly view the element, update it or delete. Clicking on the delete button, the application will ask you to confirm your action. If you want to cancel your deletion, press on the Esc button or click on the CANCEL or click on the background of the message. You can also navigate through the list pressing 1, 2, 3, 4 on the keyboard. Each digit correspond to the card of the list. Pressing on it, you select the card. You will see the highlighted background of the card. After, the actions will have the underscored letter. The letter means the key on the keyboard that you can press to view, to update, to graph or to delete the item. For example, *U* to update the element. To undo the selection, just press Esc or 5 on the keyboard.

If you want to get a hint, just click on the image5 icon.

View Element

To view element, you need press on the View button. There are information about element in details. To go back to the list, you can click on the action on the bottom or press on the keyboard the key that is underlined in the action word.

Add/Update Element

You are on the page with list of elements. To add a new one, you need to click on the Add button or press Alt + ‘+’. To open update element form read the paragraph List of Elements. The application shows the same forms for adding and updating the concrete element. If you want to go back to the list of elements, just click on the header icon below or press the corresponding key (in details read List of Elements paragraph).

Add/Update process is a rectangle with dotted borders contains: breadcrumb navigation, form input fields, a short description about current filling and arrows to previous or next step. There is also a validation message displaying with a red text, if you provide wrong data into the fields and want to go forward. Specially for Connections you can see a number of hints in the beginning of each step. This is a tour through the process. It explains some parts of the fields in more details. To close it just click on the free area or on the x button. To open it again click on the image5 icon. When you complete on the first page you can click on the arrow right to jump on the next page or press on the keyboard . Pay attention, if you are focusing on the input form, you need to press Esc key to blur from the form to be able to use arrows keys. On the next page you can use an arrow on the left to go back also pressing on the key . The last page does not have the arrow forward, but instead of it has Add/Update button.