Manage Invoker (only for subscribers)ΒΆ

Invoker can be managed both from UI and from server directly. Let us consider the Add Invoker use case.

You, as an admin, want to add an invoker in the OpenCelium.

To add an invoker directly to server, go to the root folder of the application and find there src/main/resources/invoker folder. Paste the invoker file (xml format) and restart the project.

There is also an option to add an invoker from UI. Go to Admin/Invokers page. There is a button + Add Invoker. image0 Press on it. Provide Name, Description, and Hint. Hint will be displayed and helpful, when you create a Connector.


Choose an Authentication Type. Right now 4 types are available: API key, Token, Basic and Endpoint Authentication.


After, you need to provide information about the method that will be used a test connection.


Name is a required and unique field. Path of each request can be different. The main url is {url}. Type it and provide endpoint if it is necessary. Choose Method and enter the Request and the Response (Success/Error) data in the appeared tabs.


You can see hints for Headers if mouse is over the corresponded icon.


The Body can be inputed throw the engine or click on this icon image6 and paste the json string inside the popup window.


The last but not least step you add operations that will be used during Connection creation. Just provide information (similar to the previos step) and click on plus icon.