Users represent directly clients of the application. List of users shows all user of the system including the authorized user, it has a label - Current user. Each element of the list display a first and a second name of the user and his email.


Going into view of the user you see more details: phone number, department, organization, salutation, avatar, last time of the login and the group information to which the user belongs. If the user did not upload his avatar you will see the default image.


Adding/Updating user consists of three steps: credentials, user details and user group. Credential step has three input fields: email, password and repeat password.


The are all required fields. The email must be valid and the length not more than 255 characters. Moreover, it is also a unique field in the application.


The password’s and repeat password’s fields length must be between 8 and 16 symbols. The last one should have the same value as the password field.


User Details step has next fields: name, surname, phone number, organization, department, salutation, avatar. Name and surname are required fields.


User Group step has only one select field - user group and a textarea with a description to selected item. Meaning of the user group you can find in the chapter Groups.