Group or User Group is a set of users with defined permissions. The list of groups displays a name of it.


Opening view of the group you will see the description and a table of permissions to the corresponding component.


Adding/Updating group consists of three steps: general data, components and permissions. General data step has three input fields: name, description and icon. The name is a required field.


Components step has one required multiselect field - components. There are 9 components in total: My Profile, User, User Group, Connector, Connection, Schedule, Dashboard, App, Invoker. You can select several values clicking on the items and undo clicking on the x.


The last permissions step has a table of permissions related to components that were chosen. It is required, so you should check at least one permission. You check what user can do with a component: create, read, update, or delete. The admin column just checks all permissions for the corresponding row.