Application Management

The OC Application tries to keep consistency in all her parts. It means to save persistence in the User Interface, so user does not need to get used again and again.

Notification System

With each entity you can do CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete. After a successful or a rejected operation, you will be alerted with a message:


This message goes to the stack in the Notification Panel. You can see it clicking on the bell icon bell.


Each notification contains the type icon (info, error, warning), the timestamp and the message itself. In case, the content is too long, you can unfold it clicking on the arrows icon.


Moreover, sometimes the message has a concrete name of the entity that was in a process and clicking on it you will be redirected to its replacement. A notification or all notifications can be easily cleared using a bin icon or Clear all responsively.

List of Elements

The list of data represents as a table where columns display corresponding data, optional checkboxes for multiple actions and a column with single actions.


There is a possibility also to sort data (asc/desc) by name or by title title_sort_icon. In Connector / Connection / Schedule List you can update a name / a title and a description (if exists) directly there just double clicking on the text.


User has a possibility to see data in a grid view clicking on the icon grid_icon and setting a number of elements pro row:


If the amount of data does not fit to the page, here comes a pagination for navigating paginator. The grid view displays an icon of the element that can be replaced, if you mouseover the icon and click on it upload_image_icon. Checking items in the list view you can apply an operation to all of them, for instance Delete Selected. The action columns provides such manipulations like: view, update, and delete. Also, you can search by all possible parameters that has the corresponded entity typing in the search input.

Add/Update Element

You are on the page with list of elements. To add a new one, you need to click on the Add <Element> button. The application shows the same forms for adding and updating of the concrete element.

Add/Update element has several form sections. The validation process is fulfilled after pressing the action buttons.


Sometimes, the section form appears only after selecting data in the section before it. The reason is a dependency of your selection.